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Mahr Pocket Surf

Mahr Pkt. Surf PS1

Mahr M1

Mahr M2



Mahr M300

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Mahr S-2





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The surface is that part of a body with which it interacts with the environment. Generally, the surface does not exhibit a regular structure but contains a number of deviations which are divided into form, waviness and roughness.



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Surface Finish Gages
















Starrett Surface Roughness Gages
By Taylor Hobson



Starrett Sr400




SR300 17.5 mm Traverse

SR400 25 mm Traverse

    Starrett Sr100













Fowler Surface Gage                   SPI Surface Gage














Brown & Sharpe Surface Finish Gages

















Phase II Surface Roughness Gages

















Mitutoyo Surface Finish gages









Precision Devices Surfometer Surface Roughness Units
















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