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MAHR M300 6910401


















Wherever surface structures influence the function, processing or appearance of components or products, careful testing is essential. But how can surfaces be tested? At the start of the 20th Century, experts still had to test by eye and touch. A practiced eye can detect features in the µm range, and even the much maligned thumbnail test delivered perfectly acceptable results. Now however, we live in an age of exchangeable parts, fits and internationalization, where subjective tests like this are no longer adequate. Today, computer-aided measuring instruments provide objective data. Measurement and evaluation have become considerably easier. For decades, Mahr has been a worldwide pioneer in this area, as demonstrated by the  company's numerous innovations and patented solutions in the field of roughness metrology. The interplay between the stylus, drive and measuring setup plays a key role in influencing the quality of surface measurement tasks. This is where Mahr's core expertise comes in, as demonstrated by the company's numerous innovation and patented solutions. Over time, we have succeeded in perfecting the stylus method which is now widespread throughout the world. The cable-free Bluetooth connection between evaluation unit and drive unit is unique in roughness metrology. Even here, Mahr shows that its metrology is up to date with modern needs.




MarSurf. Handy and precise for on-site roughness measurements  



Mahr has played a key role in ensuring the success of mobile roughness measurement devices. As early as the 1980's, Mahr was setting new standards with the M4P. The products have developed in line with changing production monitoring requirements. Today's devices meet the highest international standards. Mobile roughness measurement devices from Mahr are lightweight with a handy shape, flexible handling, high-precision measurement in different positions and easy positioning using V-blocks.




m300 kit



MarSurf M 300

  High mobile, high-performance unit




The operation of this instrument is based on the well-proven catalog of functions which enables instrument settings such as measuring conditions, language and record contents to be selected very easily, thus offering a maximum of comfort and flexibility.


The MarSurf M 300 not only meets the requirements for determination and documentation of selected parameters, but also makes most of the parameters and characteristic curves stipulated in DIN/ISO/JIS available for the evaluation of the profile assessed.


Moreover, the MarSurf M 300 offers an integrated memory for up to 40,000 results or 30 profiles, as well as the functions of tolerance monitoring, vertical scale selection and the setting of un-symmetric intersection lines for peal count calculation.


Delivery as a set

   MarSurf M 300

 Order No.  6910401




                        mahr m300





● Measuring range of up to 350µm (.014in)

 ● Units µm/µinch selectable

● Standards ISO/ASME/JIS and MOTIF selectable

● Travsersing length as per SIN EN ISO 4288/ ASME N46.1: 1.75 mm, 5.6 mm, 17.5 mm (0.07 in, 0.00 in, 0.7 in) as per EN ISO 12085 (MOTIF): 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm, 12mm, 16mm

● Number of sampling lengths selectable from 1 to 5

● Automatic selection of filter and traversing length conforming to standards

● Phase-correct profile filter as per DIN EN ISO 11562

● Cutoff 0.25 mm, 0.80 mm, 2.50 mm (.010 in, .032 in, .100 in)

● Short cutoff selectable

● Parameters as per DIN/ISO/SEP: Ra, Rq, Rz, Rmax, Rp, Rt, R3z, Rk, Rvk, Rpk, Rr1, Mr2, Rmr, RSm, RPc

● Tolerance monitoring in display and measuring record

● Automatic or adjustable scaling

● Printing of R-profile (ISO/ASME/JIS), P-profile (MOTIF), material ratio curve, measuring record

● Output of date and/or time of the measurements

● Integrated memory for up to 40,000 results and 30 profiles

● Dynamic calibration function

● Locking and/or password protection for instrument settings


MarSurf M 300 Novelties


Up to 4 m distance between evaluation unit and drive unit enable high flexibility for you to conduct your measurements. Especially with large, cumberson parts, the application engineer can work directly at the measuring site. The measurement can be started at the evaluation unit MarSurf M 300 or at the drive unit Marsurf RD 18. The evaluation unit stand in a "safe place" and delivers exact results without influence from the ambient conditions


Brilliant, illuminated color display


A large, illuminated color display to read the parameters and the profiles so that you can:


read the correct results in a poorly lit atmosphere


m300 examplem300 digital screen


Bluetooth Technology


NEW: cable-free connection between evaluation unit and drive unit

A further advantage of the Bluetooth technology:

Connection of several drive units to one evaluation unit. You can select your desired drive unit from a list.

    m300 blue tooth


Software "MarSurf  PS1/M 300 Explorer" for mobile roughness devices


The essential functions of the Software "MarSurf PS1/M Explorer" are to secure and document your measuring results and profiles.


The data stored in the MarSurf M 300 can e.g. be printed out in any format.

The measuring data con be displayed in different forms:

● Profile and results

● Results

● Profile + MRK + results

● Statistics, and much more


The "Software "MarSurf PS1/M 300 Explorer" additionally simplifies the securing of data on your PC. During installation, a Mar Surf M 300 directory is automatically created. The results and profiles saved in the M 300 can simply be moved to that directory or any directly of your choice using "Drag & Drop" and are therefore secured.


Software "MarSurf PS1/M 300 Explorer"

To document results and record profile on a PC


Order No.  6910205

            6910201 software



 Drive unit MarSurf RD 18














The drive unit RD 18 can be connected to the MarSurf M 300 and is included in a carrying-case set. It can be connected either via Bluetooth or with a cable. The well=proven PHT-skid probes are implemented in the drive unit. To test the standard probe, a testing standard is already integrated in the RD 18 - this gives you the certainty that your results are correct.

To fasten individual accessory elements, 4 inside thread sockets are located on the underside of the RD 18. Furthermore, the prismatic underside offers you the possibility to perfectly position your work-pieces.


Technical data



















height adjustment                            v alighnment


Application examples


Upside down measurements

Perfect upside down measurements with the MarSurf RD 18 drive.

Enables the measurement of small work-pieces without additional mounts.

No more alignment work necessary.

A solution for a fast and certain measurement.



                             using upside down



Measurement with end face vee-block

Flexibility due to extensive accessories that are already included in the standard scope of delivery.

The end face vee block offers the possibility to give the secure support for different applications.



                            measuring using face v-block



Measurement with and without cable

Especially when measuring large, cumbersome parts, it is not always possible for the measuring technician to be directly near the evaluation unit or, as shown in this example, the drive unit.


Bluetooth technology gives the advantage of cable-free connection.


An additional factor that simplifies surface measurement.


It is also possible to operate the MarSurf RD 18 drive under special conditions with a connection cable (without Bluetooth connections).



                           m300 bluetooth measurement



Optional probes for MarSurf M 300

Probes for various measuring tasks for use with RD 18 drive

The P-probes are characterized by special construction features:

● Stylus tip geometry as per EN ISO 3274, standard 2 µm/90°

● Measuring force of approx. 0.7 mN (as per EN ISO 3274)

● Reliable inductive converter

● Robust rigid housing

● Self-aligning elastic bearings

● Reliable plug and socket connect
































rd18 drive
Drive unit RD 18Order No.  6910403
Tracing directionlengthwise
Traversing length adjustable on M 300 as per DIN/ISO1.75 mm, 5.6 mm, 17.5 mm                             (0.07 in, 0.22 in, 0.7 in)
as per EN ISO 120851 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm
Traverse speed0.5 mm/s
Dimensions                             (without probe protection)Ø 24mm, L=112 mm
Measuring principlestylus method
Traversing speed0.5 mm/s
Measuring ranges350 µm (0.014 in)
Profile resolution90 µm, 180 µm, 350 µm (automatic switching) 8 nm, 16 nm,       32 nm (automatic switching)
FilterGauB-Filter, Ls-Filter
Cutoffs0.25/0.8/2.5 mm (0.010/0.032/0.100 in)
Short cutoffselectable
Traversing lengths as per DIN/ISO1.75/5.6/17.5 mm (0.07/0.00/0.70 in)
As per EN ISO 12085 (MOTIF)1/2/4/8/12/16 mm
Evaluation lengths1.25/4/12.5 mm (0.05/0.16/0.5 in)
Number of sampling lengthsselectable 1-5


DIN/ISO: Ra, Rq, Rz, Rmax,Rp, Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Rv, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo, Rt, R3z, RPc, Rmr, RSm, Rsk,    

JIS: Ra, Rz, RzJIS, S                                                  ASME: Rp, Rpm                                                        MOTIF: R, Ar, Rx, W, CR, CL, CF

Vertical scaleautomatic/selectable
Horizontal scaledep. on cutoff
Record contentsR-profile, MRK, R-profile, (MOTIF), results
Printingautomatic/manual, record with time
Calibration functiondynamic
Memoryintegrated memory for results of up to 40.000 measurements, 30 profiles
Units µm/µinchselectable
Languagesselectable: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Turkish
Blocking or instrum. settingsyes
Password protectionyes
LCDhigh resolution color display, 3.5", 320x240 pixel


thermal printer, 384 points/horizontal line, 

20 characters/line

Printing speed

approx. 6 lines/second corresponds to approx.  

25 mm/s (1 in/s)

Thermal paperØ 40.0 mm-1.0 mm, width 57.5 mm-05 mm, coated
InterfaceUSB, MarConnect
Power SupplyNiMH battery, capacity: approx. 1,000 measurements  (dep. on number and length of record printouts), plug-in power pack with three mains plugs, for input voltages from 90 V to 264 V
Power Managementyes
Connectionsdrive unit, power pack, USB, MarConnect
System of protectionm 300=IP 42, RD 18=IP 40

Temperature range for         -storage                              -operation

-15 °C

 to +55 °C

+5 °C to +40 °C

Relative humidity30% to 85%
Dimensions (LxWxH) M 300190 mm x 140 mm x 75 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) RD 18130 mm x 70 mm x 50 mm
Weight M 300approx. 1 kg`
Weight RD 18approx. 300 g

MarSurf M 300.  Technical Data

mahr m300

724-368-8006  *  Fax 724-368-8005


m300 examplem300 digital screen

m300 blue tooth

6910201 software

height adjustmentv alighnment

using upside down

measuring using face v-block

m300 bluetooth measurement

rd18 drive

rd18 drive

rd18 drive
mahr m300