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Mahr Ps1 pocket surf




These units have been discontinued however many of the units are still in service we still service,  repair, and calibrate the units. The parts that are not avalible we may have reconditioned.

Mahr PS1

With increasing manufacturing and machine quality, the surface finish technical products' is becoming ever more important than ever.

This makes it all the more crucial to offer metrological solutions with instrument designs that provide quick and simple yet standards-compliant measuring options.

In some cases measurements are transferred from the inspection room to production to save time and money. Components may be too large or heavy to be transported, leaving no alternative but to carry out measurements directly on the component or machine.

The Pocket Surf PS1 lives up to its claim of "Absolute mobility" in all manner of ways, providing:


Battery powered freedom

    Over 500 measurements without having to recharge the instrument.

An all-in-one solution that is no larger than a digital camera.

    Small and lightweight (400g / 0.88 lbs.).

Instrument flexibility 

    The standard range of functions is sufficient for this all-purpose smart little instrument to perform your

      measuring tasks.

All the measuring positions you need 

    Can be used horizontally, vertically, upside down or in any other position required by the component.

24 parameters 

    Offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument.

Error-free operation  thanks to an integrated roughness standard.

Automatic cutoff selection  (Patented) so that even non-specialists are ensured correct measuring results.

Simple operation

The pocket surf shows how simple the PS1 is to use. You quickly get to grips with the essential features, enabling you to complete your measuring tasks with excellent results


Large display


All the information you need at a glance.

All functions displayed in plain text.

Functions called up using arrow keys.

Defaults/language simple to select and change.



PS1 digital screen

Height adjustment accessory included in the scope of delivery. For many additional measuring tasks.                            Simply clips onto the bottom of the PS1.




height stand

Integrated calibration standard.

No external calibration standard required (patent pending). Gives greater reliability for standards compliant measurements.

Drive unit

Can be rotated and moved longitudinally. Enables the pick-up to be moved into the calibrating position. The pick-up is also protected for transport in this position.


PS1 nosepiece

Pick-up with removable pick-up protection      Standards-compliant measurement. 5µm (200 µin) diamond stylus tip. Measuring force 0.7 mN.

removable nosepiece protection



Directly selectable parameters

Ra, Rz


Freely programmable  F1 button for direct access to one of 24 parameters of your choice.


function buttons



USB interface -  PS1 is detected without a driver

(Such as a memory stick).


Evaluation possible using MarSurf  XR 20 evaluation software or MarSurf XR 20 instrument.


MarConnect interface (RS232),


usb and data connections

Flexibility thanks to 4 internally threaded bores 


There are four tapped studs on the bottom of the PS1 for attaching your own special accessories.








mounting holes



Start button on right and left


Not only easy to operate whether you are left or righ handed but also practical if the instrument is used as a mini-measuring station for upside down measurements.


start buttons




example measuring flat surface
using perthometer

Pocket Surf PS1.

     Wide Range of Applications

The Pocket Surf PS1 comes with a simple mount for height adjustment.

This enables measurements to be performed on items such as cones.


height stand

Perfect upside down measurements are possible with the Pocket Surf PS1.

All you have to do is position the part and start measurement.

This means that small components can be measured without additional mounts.


measuring small part


Measurements on measuring stands.

The Pocket Surf PS1 can be easily be mounted on ST-D/ST-F or ST-G measuring stands.

The Pocket Surf PS1 is the perfect entry-level measuring instrument for a very wide range of standards-compliant roughness measurement.

One possibility offered by an optional end face vee-block is to measure surfaces perpendicular to the contact face.


height stand, vice

Pocket Surf PS1. Optional Accessories for even Greater Flexibility...


80 mm (3.15 in) pick-up extension 


 for example, for measuring points located deep within cylinders.   Order No. 6850540



PHT 3-350 pick-up

 for measuring in bores from dia. 3mm (0.12 in).

  Order No. 6111521



PHT 11-100 pick-up  

 for measurements at recessed measuring points,

 e.g. in groves from 2.5mm (0.10 in) wide and up to 7.5mm (0.30 in deep.

Order No.  6111524


PHTR 100 pick-up

for measurements on concave and convex surfaces.

Order No. 6111525



PHTF 0.5-100 pick-up  

 for measurements on tooth flanks.

  Order No. 6111522



PT 150 pick-up                                                      Dual-skid pick-up for measurements on metal sheets and roller surfaces according to DIN EN 10049 (SEP).  Order No. 6111523



Pick-up set (not illustrated)

consisting of

 ● PHT 3-350 pick-up  (6111521)

 ● PHT 11-100 pick-up (6111524)

 Order No. 6910213


Accessory set (not illustrated)

 consisting of

 ● Pick-up extension (6850540), length 80mm (3.15 in

 ● Adapter for transverse tracing (6850541)

 ● Measuring stand mount (6910201)

 Allows the Pocket Surf PS1 to be mounted on the   Mahr ST-D / ST-F / ST-G    family of measuring stands.

● End face vee-block (6910203)

  Suitable for measurements on flat faces of cylindrical and planar components

Order No. 6910212


PS1 stylus, probe

Pocket Surf PS1.  Software for Evaluation and Documentation


Multilingual PC-Software PS1 Explorer to document results and profil recordings on PC 14 languages.                                                           Order No. 6910205


Evaluation Software MarSurf XR 20 for a through evaluation and documentation. MarWin based.

 Order No. 6299009

 Order No. 6299009


'PS1 explorer


Pocket Surf PS1. Technical Data









Unit of measurement Metric, inch
Measuring principle Stylus method
Pick-up Inductive skidded prick-up, 5µm (200µin) stylus tip, measuring force approx. 0.7 mN
Parameters Ra, Rq, Rz equiv. to Ry (JIS), Rz (JIS), Rmax, Rp, Rp (ASME), Rpm (ASME), Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1
(24, with tolerance limits) A2, Vo, Rt, R3z, RPc, Rmr equiv. to tp (JIS, ASME,), RSm, R, Ar, Rx
Languages 14 including 3 Asian languages
Measuring Range 350µm, 180µm, 90µm (changes automatically)
Profile resolution 32nm, 16nm, 8nm (changes automatically)
Filter Phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) acc. to DIN EN ISO 11562, special filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 13565-1, Is filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 3274 (can be disabled)
Cutoff lc* 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm; automatic (0.010in, 0.030in, 0.100in)
Traversing length Lt* 1.75mm, 5.6mm, 17.5mm; automatic (0.069in, 0.22in, 0.69in)
Traversing length (acc. to MOTIF) 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, (0.040in, 0.080in, 0.160in, 0.320in, 0.480in, 0.640in)
Short cutoff* Selectable
Evaluation length In* 1.25mm, 4.0mm, 12.50mm (0.050in, 0.15in, 0.50in)
Number n of sampling lengths* Selectable: 1 to 5
Calibration function Dynamic
Memory capacity Max. 15 profiles, max. 20,000 results

Pocket Surf PS1. The Set

The Pocket Surf PS1 comes in a complete set. Thanks to the carrying case, you always have your surface roughness measuring instrument with you as you pass through the production floor. Quick and reliable on the spot measurements ensure your quality requirements are met during the production process or goods inspection.

The set contains                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

● Drive unit                                                                                                                                                                         

● 1 standard pick-up 5µm (200µin) stylus                                                                                                                             

●  battery                                                                                                                                                                   

● Roughness standard integrated into unit                                                                                                                            

● Height adjustment accessory                                                                                                                                             

● Pick-up protection                                                                                                                                                         

● Charger                                                                                                                                                                            

● Operating instructions                                                                                                                                                      

● Carrying case with shoulder strap and belt loop                                                                                                                

● USB cable                                                                                                                                                                        

●Mahr Calibration Certificate

● Pocket Surf PS1 base

Order No.  6910214

Pocket Surf PS1. Available Parameters

RaRAArithmetic means roughness RaDIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ISO 4287: 1997; JIS B 0601: 2001; ASME B46
RqRQRoot mean square roughness RqDIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ISO 4287: 1997; JIS B 0601: 2001; ASME B46
Rz            RY (JIS)     equiv. to RzRZMean peak-to-valley height Rz (acc to ISO) or Ry (acc to JIS)DIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ISO 4287: 1997; JIS B 0601: 2001; ASME B46
Rz (JIS)RZImean height Rz of profile elementsJIS B 0601: 2001 (was; ISO 4287/1: 1984)
RmaxRMAXMaximum roughness depth RmaxDIN 4768: 1990
RpRPMean profile peak height RpDIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ISO 4287: 1997
Rp (ASME)RPMaximum profile peak height RpASME B46
Rpm (ASME)RPMMean profile peak height RpASME B46
RpkRPKReduced peak height RpkDIN EN ISO 13565-2; ASME B46
Rk RKCore roughness depth RkDIN EN ISO 13565-2: 1998; ASME B46
RvkRVKReduced valley depth RvkDIN EN ISO 13565-2: 1998; ASME B46
Mr1MR1Smallest material ratio Mr1 of roughness core profileDIN EN ISO 13565-2: 1998; ASME B46
Mr2MR2Largest material ratio Mr2 of roughness core profileDIN EN ISO 13565-2: 1998; ASME B46
A1A1Material-filled profile peak area A1DIN EN ISO 13565-2: 1998; ASME B46
A2A2Lubricant-filled profile valley area A2DIN EN ISO 13565-2: 1998; ASME B46
VoVOOil-retaining volume Vo  
RtRTTotal height Rt of R-profileDIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ASME B46
R3zR3ZArithmetic mean third peak-to-valley height R3zDB n 31007: 1983
RPcRPCPeak count RPc is the number of profile elements (see RSm) per cm that exceed the set upper profile section level c1 and than fall short of the lower c2EN 10049: 2005; ASME B46
Rmr        tp (JIS, ASME)       equiv. to RmrRMRMaterial ratio RmrDIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ISO 4287: 1997; JIS B 0601: 2001; ASME B46
RSmRSMMean width RSm of profile elements (was: groove spacing)DIN EN ISO 4287: 1998; ISO 4287: 1997; JIS B 0601: 2001; ASME B46
RRMean depth R of roughness motifsISO 12085: 1996
ArARMean width Ar of roughness motifsISO 12085: 1996
RxRXMaximum depth Rx of profile irregularityISO 12085: 199
Other functions
Blocking of settings (code-protected), date/time
Dimensions 140mm x 50mm x 70mm (5.51in x 1.97in x 2.76in)
Weight 400g (0.88 lbs)
Battery Li-ion battery
Interfaces USB, MarConnect (RS232)
Long-Range power supply 100 V TO 264 V
* acc to ISO/JIS  

724-368-8006  *  Fax 724-368-8005


Mahr PS1

PS1 nosepiece

mounting holes

measuring small part

start buttons

Mahr PS1

mounting holes

example measuring flat surface
using perthometer
height stand
measuring small part
height stand, vice
PS1 stylus, probe