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Mahr S2 Perthometer

 Unique in its class

mahr s2

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Technology has its apparent limits. We're proud to have pushed the limits once again! The new Perthometer S2 is unique in its instrument class - you can depend on it.


Not just because it is possible to assess tracing lengths of up to 120mm/4.7in with our Perthometer S2, but also because you can use the advantages of the automatic, patented pick-up zeroing of our drive units. Above all, simple operation and a brilliant, high-resolution display will convince you.


Now, you can fulfill virtually any-surface measuring task - from difficult measuring tasks in the measurement lab, to random samples taken directly at the processing machine, With the new Perthometer S2 you're excellently equipped.


The Perthometer S2 is ready for any situation:


Constantly changing tasks are not a problem. Flexibility is its solution. The measuring conditions are quickly set and saved as a measuring program: Just press 2 keys + START - the measurement is finished, documented and saved!


● Unit operation is self-explanatory according to the "Automatic teller principle". Simply follow the software menu.


● The display has a brilliant, high resolution. Background lighting can be switched on as needed.


● The main views: Result/profile display, measuring station view with pick-up signal display and the main menu have their own pictograph keys for fast, safe operation.


● The status bar in the display provides permanent information on the current unit state and on special events, e.g. on a required calibration of the servicing of your measuring station.


● The integrated, high-resolution thermal printer enables an immediate logging of results, profile, curves and lists, as well as workpiece/company texts ad date/time.


● The keypad is designed with the system of protection IP 54. Key presses, tolerance violations and errors/warnings can be emphasized by acoustic signals.


● The compact housing also includes the required accessories. A spare memory card, Allen wrench for tracing arm replacement and a brief operating manual are always available on the unit.


● The interface RS 232 and PLC, the power supply connection and the connection for the drive unit are located on the rear. The PCMCIA memory card is easy to reach from the side.


● Various threaded holes are provided on the housing. This enables the integration of the Perthomenter S2 into processing machines or the mounting of customer-specific holding devices.


                                                                               measuring shaft


With extensive software capabilities, the Perthometer S2 supports all Mahr drive units, including the PGK 120.Drive selection is, however, matched to actual workshop conditions. Features like the patented, motorized pick-up (lowering and zeroing), considerably simplify and automate measurements.


The compact measuring station provides a complete measuring set-up with a small measuring loop for precise roughness and waviness assessment - ideal for series measurements on the shop floor.


We offer pick-ups with minimal measuring forces, maximum linearity and design flexibility. Drive units are characterized by minimum residual Rz values - they are extremely smooth running and their guides feature barely detectable straightness deviations.


With each workpiece having special material properties, our drive units and pick-ups confidently handle measurement results with utmost precision and reproducibility -  even under worth case conditions.


S2 with pgk20 drive




Perthometer S2 with PGK  120, a compact measuring station and a small X/Y-table - ideal for series measurements on the shop floor.


Perthomenter S2. Universal - Compact - Mobile


Your Advantages


● Portability


● Roughness, waviness and profile depth measurement with highest precision according to the latest standards


● Skidless tracing with motorized pick-up zeroing (patented) - as simple as skidded tracing


● Up to 100 measurements in battery operating mode


● Large, illuminated graphics display for profile and plain text indication


● Extremely simple operation according to the "automatic teller principle"


● Automatic feature for setting standardized filters and tracing lengths


● Dynamic calibration routine for checking the measuring station


● Choice of tracing lengths and filters for measurements up to 120mm/4.7in


● Arc elimination feature


● Light-weight housing, <3kg/6.6lbs. - for easy transport in case of on-site measurements


● Monitoring of calibration and maintenance intervals as well as of tolerance limits


● Memory card for measuring programs, profiles, results and software updates


● RS2 and PLC interfaces with control outputs


● Integrated, high-resolution thermal printer for outputting results with texts, date and time


● Threaded holes on the housing for mounting customer-specific brackets or installation in a  processing machine


● The practice-proven PZK, PGK and PRK (via PAV 62) drive units can be connected


● Statistics can be run for a maximum of 200 measurements; 10 parameters per measuring program


● Measuring programs are created on the Perthometer S2 or on a PC. The required software is  included in the delivery scope


● Can be used all around the world. 13 languages selectable, including three Asian languages               (in preparation)


● Option: Carrying and storage case for your portable Perthometer S2 measuring station and its accessories



























S2 with the pgk 120 drive, pzk drive
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Measurementby means of a stylus instrument
Measuring ranges+25, +250, +2500µm/+0111, +.010, +.100in
ADU-resolution16-bit (i.e. 7.6Nm at 250µm/+.007in)
StandardsDIN EN ISO/JIS/ASME B46.1
Profile resolutionapprox. 60,000 steps/vertical range 11,200 measuring points/standard tracing length
Profile typesR; D; G; P; W (profile inversion)
Vertical scale0.~5,000µm/.00004~.200in or auto
Horizontal scale1~5,000µm/.0004~.200in or auto
Tracing lengths Lt.0.56, 1.75, 5.6, 17.5, 56mm/.022, .0689, .22, .689, 2.205in               
Special tracing lengths0.56~120mm/.02~4.8in adjustable
No. of sampling lengths1~5 adjustable
filter (as per ISO/JIS)phase-correct filter (Gaussian) as per DIN EN ISO 1156; special filters as per DIN EN ISO 13565-1/2, 1997; lc/ls bandpass as per ISO 3274, arc function
Cutoff lc.08, .25, .8, 2.5, 8mm/.003, .010, .030, .100, .300in
Shortened/variab. cutoff lcyes
Parameters                    (41, with tolerance limits)Ra, Rq; Rz, Rt, Rp, Rv, RSm RDq, Rsk, Rku,Rdc, Rmr, Pmr, Pt, Wt, Pdc (DIN EN ISO 4287) Rmax (DIN 4288), Rpk, Rk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, Pdc, A1, A2, (DIN EN ISO 13565), RPc (prEN 10049) R, Ar, W, Aw, Rx,Wx, Wte, Nr, Ncrx, Nw, CPM (ISO 12085) R3z (DB N 31007), Rzl, S (JIS B 601)
Parameter listsRmr; Pmr; M%; Rk; Rz; Rp; Nf; CR/CF/CL (profile type selectable, reference line and lines of intersection adjustable)
Characteristic curvesProfile graph; Mr (material ratio/Abbott curve); amplitude density; (profile type selectable)
Calibration Functionautomatic, dynamic
Tolerance monitoring yes, maximim/minimum
Automatic functionyes, selection of standardized filter and tracing lenght
Statisticsfor 10 parameters per measuring program X, S, R; Max, Min, maximum 200 measurements; number of tolerance violations; number of invalid measurements
Pick-upinductive, carrier frequency 20 kHz
Pick-up types  
measuring rangeR-series; +50/250µm/.002/.001in (skid)
(default 2µm/80µin @ 90°MFW: +250µm/+.01in (skidless)                                                                           FRW: +750µm/.03in (skid)  10µm/.0004in  (skidless)                                         focodyn: +250µm/.01in (optical)                                                                    LS1/LS10: +250µm/.01in (optical)         
Tracing force [approx. mN]R-Reihe: 0.7mN                                                                              MFW: 0.7mN/FRW: 6mN                                                                  Focodyn/LS/LS10: laser
Drive unitsPZK, PGK 20/120; PRK via PAV 62
Transverse tracingAdapter on drive unit PGK
Tracing speed [mm/in per s]0.1 and 0.5mm/.04 and .02in per second
Displaygraphics LCD module with background lighting, b/w, 480x320 pixels, profile presentation
Keyboardmembrane keypad
Printerthermal graphics printer, 384 dots/horizontal line; 8 dots/mm;            200 dots/in printing speed 25mm/1in per second
Printingautomatic/manual, log with date and/or time
Temperature rangefor storage -15~+55°C/°5~131°F                                                                           Operational 5~40°C/41~104°F
Rel. humidity30% to 85% (non-condensing)
Weight<3 kg/6.6 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD)approx. 150x320x250mm/6x12.5x10in
Type of protectiondevice: IP40; keypad: IP54
Power supplyplug-in power supply unit 9V; NiMH battery
Charging state displayyes, in display
Power managementyes
Connectionsdrive unit, RS-232 C and PLC interface, plug-in power supply unit, slot for PCMCIA card, fuse
LanguagesGerman, English, French, 13 others in preparation
SoftwareS2Prog Windows program; Perthometer Concept (optional)
Lock/code word protectionyes
Units of measurementMetric/Inch, selectable
Memoryinternal for 10 measuring programs; PCMCIA memory card for profiles, results, measuring programs
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Part NumberDescription


Perthometer S2


Drive unit PZK-Set


Drive unit PGK 20
Drive unit PGK 120
Skidless pick-up MFW
6851906Compact measuring  station
6851909Small X/Y-table
6851214Carrying case (not shown)

724-368-8006  *  Fax 724-368-8005


mahr s2

S2 with pgk20 drive

mahr s2

S2 with pgk20 drive

S2 with the pgk 120 drive, pzk drive