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Pt Profile depth DIN 4771


The Profile P represents all departures from the mean line.

The Profile depth Pt, is the distance between two parallel lines enveloping the profile within the evaluation length lm at their minimum separation.

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           pocket surf              

             Mahr Pocket Surf                      









Pocket-sized economically priced, completely portable instrument which performs traceable surface roughness measurements on a wide  

  variety of surfaces; can be used confidently in production on the shop floor and in the laboratory.

● Solidly built, with a durable cast aluminum housing, to provide years of accurate, reliable surface

finish gauging,

● Can be used to measure any one of four, switch-select-able, parameters: Ra, Rmax/Ry, Rz.

● Selectable traverse length 1, 3 or 5 cut-offs of 0.8mm/.030".

● Operates in any position - horizontal, vertical, and upside down.

● Four switchable probe positions - axial (folded) or at 90, 180 or 270.

● Even difficult-to-reach surfaces such as inside and outside diameters are accessible.

● Integrated data output for SPC-processing units that is compatible with the most common data

 processing systems.

● Easy-to-read LCD readout presents the measured roughness value, in micro inches or micrometers,

within half a second after the surface is traversed.

● Out-of-range (high or low) and "battery low" signals are also displayed.


Dimensions140 mm x 76 mm x 25 mm/5.5" x 3" x 1"
Weight435 g / 14 oz
Measuring RangesR       0.03 m to 6.35 m / 1 inch to 250 inch
 Ry       0.2 m to 25.3 m / 8 inch to 999 inch
 Rmax   0.2 m to 25.3 m / 8 inch to 999 inch
 Rz       0.2 m to 25.3 m / 8inch to 999 inch
Display Resolution0.01 m / 1 in
Measurement AccuracyMeets ASME-B46.1, ISO, DIN standards and MIL specifications
Digital ReadoutLCD with, "Battery low" signal; "H" and "L' (measured values out-of-range)                                     


Probing and Traverse Length



Traverse Length (Nominal)

Evaluation Length

Number of Cutoffs Switch Position


2.0mm/.075"     3.5mm/.0135"

0.8mm/.030"                             2.4mm/.090"                             








Traverse Speed5.08mm/.2" per second
Cutoff0.8mm/.030" ASME 2 RC-filter
Probe TypePiezoelectric
Maximum Stylus Force15.0 mN /1500 mgf
PowerConsumer-type alkaline battery, 9 Volt
Battery CapacityApprox. 2500 measurements, depending on frequency of use and output option
Operating Temperature10 to 45C / 50 to 113F
Storage Temperature-20 to 65C / -4 to 149F
Order Number  
EMD-1500-311EGH-1019Probe, 90, 10m radius, PMD-90101  Certified Specimen, incl.  Test Certificate
EMD-1500-312EGH-1019Probe, 90, 10m radius, EMD-90010  Precision Specimen
EMD-1500-321EGH-1026Probe, 90, 5m radius, PMD-90101  Certified Specimen, incl. Test Certificate
EMD-1500-322EGH-1026Probe, 90, 5 m radius, EDM-90010   Precision Specimen

A Pocket Surf is furnished complete in a fitted case, and includes a Pocket Surf unit with a

 General Purpose Probe** and a 3.2m/125inch (nominal) Reference Specimen**, 9 Volt battery,

Riser plate and screwdriver.

** Part Numbers listed in table above.                

                 pocket surf set                                            measuring cylinder pocket surf control                                                          

General Purpose Probes
EGH-1019/EGH-1026                                 For most surface roughness applications.
EGH-1026                                                 With a 90 conical diamond stylus, 5m/.0002" radius*.
EGH-1019                                                 With a 90 conical diamond stylus, 10m/.0004" radius.



Transverse Chisel Probe


For gaging sharp edges or small O.D.'s where probe is aligned with (in 180 or closed position) to axis of traverse. 90 sapphire chisel, 10m./.0004" radius.



Parallel Chisel Probe


For gaging sharp edges or small O.D.'S where probe is perpendicular (in 90 - or 270 position) to axis of traverse. 90 sapphire chisel, 10m./.0004" radius. Also used with EAS-2421 Vee fixture for O.D.'s smaller than 6,35 mm,/.25".



Small Bore Probe


For gaging small bores (3,2 mm/.125" minimum I.D.) up to a depth of 19 mm/.75".


With a 90 conical diamond stylus, 5m/.0002" radius*.


With a 90 conical diamond stylus, 10m/.0004" radius.



Groove Bottom Probe


For measuring the bottom of grooves, recesses and small holes to depths of 6.35mm/.25".  Also used for short lands and shoulders.  With 90 conical diamond stylus, 10m/.0004" radius.

Note: Small Bore and Groove Bottom Probes can only be used in 180 position with the Pocket Surf unit supported in a height stand or other fixture.


 *Yellow dot at connector end signifies 5m/.0002" radius.




Height Stand EAS-2496

A compact , convenient fixture with a bracket to hold the Pocket Surf gage. Designed for making measurements on a granite surface plate or on any suitable, flat working surface to a maximum height of about 111mm/4.375".

Order no.                EAS-2496   


Bore Adapter Kit EAS-2839

For timesaving hand-held measurement of bores without having to fix the workpiece. Accommodates all inside diameters from 25mm/1" to 150mm/6"; depths from 25mm/1" to 60mm/2.4".

Order no.                EAS-2839

                                V-block fixture          

Vee-Adapter Kit EAS-2739

Attaches to bottom of Pocket Surf, permitting convenient, hand-held measurements of hard-to-reach cylindrical surfaces, such as crankshaft journals without having to fix the workpiece. Suitable for parts with diameters from 5.0mm/.19" to 125mm/5".

Order no.                EAS-2739

                              crankshaft measurement

Universal Stand EAS-2426
A heavy-duty stand equipped with an adjustable bracket to hold the Pocket Surf for measuring of workpieces, up to 213mm/8.375 in tall.
Order no.                EAS-2426


Portable vee fixtures EAS-2421
For measuring small parts with outside diameters from 3.1mm/.125" to 25mm/1" for length of 25mm/1" minimum -  includes PS-145 setting pin.
Order no.                EAS-2421


Bottom Plate EAS-2584
For measuring cylindrical workpieces too short (less than 89mm/3.5" long) for the "closed" probe position; for workpieces with short O.D.'s from 6.35mm/.25" (minimum 38mm/1.5" long).
Order no.               EAS-2584



EAS-3048 Mounting Bracket for use with height gages

For mounting the Pocket Surf to most standard height gages. The bracket includes a rectangular bar that is 11.5mm x 6.35mm (0.45" x 0.25") to fit the holder of the height gage. A swivel feature is included to permit the Pocket Surf to be set anywhere within a 360 rotation.

Order no.               EAS-3048


Height Stand with Swivel

A compact, convenient fixture with an adjustable bracket to hold the Pocket Surf, anywhere within a 360 rotation, for making measurements on a surface plate or on any suitable, flat working surface.

Order no.               2236687


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