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TESA RUGOSURF 10G Surface Roughness Gage



                                       rugosurf 10g


TESA Technology - Genuine Swiss Made Quality


RUGOSURF 10G is a portable and versatile roughness gage that can be used in the workshop for incoming inspection or in the laboratory. This heavy-duty hand-held tool offers a wide range of accessories and can be used in a number of applications that's virtually unlimited.


Complete with:

Roughness Specimen, Ra = 117µin/2.97µm                                                              Rechargeable battery 7.2V, 120/150 mAh, NiCd or MiMH in PP3 format

SB10 standard probe type

Battery charger

Adapter for standard stand with 8mm diameter

Positioning support

Instructions for use with a declaration of conformity


                        Technical Data














































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ISO 4287RaRqRtRzRpRvRcRSmRðcRpc
 PaPqPt  PpPvPcPsmpðcPpc
ISO 12085RARRxRkeRpkeRyke
Measuring Range0+300µm/0+12µin   
Cut-offs (lc in in)0.01in0.03in0.1in
Total length (lm in in)0.05in0.15in0.5in
Traversing length (lc in in )0.06in0.18in0.6in
Possible selection of 2, 3, 4 or 5 cut-offs for the measurement (length from 0.75 to 16mm
ProductPart No.EDP No.
TESA RUGOSOFT 10G0693001124720

TESA Rugosoft Software Complete with:    

● CD ROM for installation in 5 languages 

● RS 232 Connection Cable    

On-line instruction Manual (included on installation CD)

Optional Probes   
SB10       For regular surface finish and bores.                    External diameters  >.4"/10mm and internal diameters from 25"/6mm.0696003623128
SB20         For slots with depths up to .0"/5mm max.0696003723129
SB30        For small bore with a 15"/4mm minimum diameter, .8"/20mm in depth.0696003823130
SB40      With a prismatic contact skid for measuring cables. External diameters >.04"/1mm.0696003923131
SB50       With front mounted contact skid for inspecting concave surfaces. Ideal for measuring through to 90°0696004023132
Standard Accessories   
Support with Granite base, 15.75" x 9.85"    (400mm x 200mm)0696003523127
Roughness Specimen, Ra = 117µin/2.97µm0696004123133
External Control Switch0696004223134
10g stylus
measuring shaft
measuring gear

724-368-8006  *  Fax 724-368-8005


rugosurf 10g

10g stylus
measuring shaft
measuring gear

rugosurf 10g

10g stylus
measuring shaft
measuring gear