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Rugosurf 20

Tesa rugosurf 20

Portable roughness gauge designed for the production workshop:

– Measuring range of 400 μm (6300 μin) in the Z axis

– Sturdy metallic base

– 15 most commonly used roughness parameters

– Easy to use

Portable roughness gauge, robust and versatile. Well suited for production environments or inspection of inward goods. Measures roughness parameters according to ISO 4287:1997/JIS B0601:2001, DIN and ISO 12085:1998 (MOTIF or CNOMO). Measuring range in the Z-axis of 400 μm (6300 μin). 15 roughness parameters. Each parameter can be activated individually or not.

Tolerancing of each parameter value possible. Direct display: – of all measured values, with tolerance levels, – of R roughness profile – the Bearing Area Curve (BAC) – the Amplitude Distribution Curve (ADC).


2" Black&White LCD screen, high contrast for optimum visual representation. Flexible autonomy through mains adapter or battery pack. Storage of the measured parameters. Multilingual menu options. USB cable connection (optional). Direct printing to a dot matrix printer (optional). Measurement transfer, database creation and reporting available using TESA RUGOSOFT software tool (optional). Access to narrow and hard to reach locations possible through 100 mm probe extension (optional). Note: RUGOSURF 20 supplied with probe R = 2μm (product number S69900016) available on request.


The measurements can be taken by lying down the gauge unit on the surface to be checked. But, you may also mount it on a support or use its protection to rest it on the relevant surface.

Special parts or hard-to-reach locations can be measured with the Rugosurf 20 clamped to the standard support using the 8 mm diameter fix-ing rod provided with the gauge. The latter will be screwed into the convenient thread located on the lower face of the gauge.


Other supports can additionally be made avail-able, rendering all measurement operations easier.

When inspecting cylinders, use the auxiliary supports that came with the roughness gauge


The two extra V-shaped supports allow for any cylinder up to 80 mm in diameter to be measured. They will need to be attached on both front and rear gauge faces.


For a correct way of proceeding when measuring the roughness of a surface finish, the following items must be taken into account.

Whenever possible, install your roughness gauge on a rigid support, free from vibrations. Carefully clean the surface to be measured. As the measurement is being taken, don’t keep the gauge in your hand, so as to prevent any movement. If necessary, take several meas-urements for comparison purposes. If one of the measured values is significantly different from all others, this means that the gauge has been disturbed during the measurement operation. The accessories supplied with the gauge, i.e. the probe itself, probe cover and raising items, make positioning easier.




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Tesa rugosurf 20

Tesa rugosurf 20