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Small-size, versatile roughness test, providing maximum ease of use. Ideally suited for high-precision measurements on the shop floor or in the measurement laboratory.

● Measure roughness parameters according to ISO 4287, 12085 (CNOMO), 13565, DIN 4776 AND JIS B060:2001

● TFT tactile color display, 3.5"

● Three straight function keys

● Graphical interface

● Direct displaying of the measured values and computed profiles

● Measuring range 50mm/2in

● Measuring span 1000µm

● Interchangeable probe stylus, with or without contact skid.

● Possible tolerancing of parameters

● RS 232 digital output for data transmission to PC running TESA Measurement Studio (software available as an option).




tesa 90g





90g screen
















A RUGOSURF 90G ROUGHNESS GAGE                          PART NO.  06930012



Supplied with the following standard accessories:

●  Roughness standard, Ra = 2.97µm/117µin

● Rechargeable built-in battery, 12V

● SB60/10 standard probe, with or without contact skid

● Probe holder with two positions - Locked for probe without skid,  Locked for probe with skid

● Guiding column, measuring travel 90mm

● Battery charger, 110 to 240V, 50/60 Hz

Technical Data 


TFT tactile color display, size 3.5"      Resolution 320 x 240 pixels, 256 colours



Roughness Parameters


Untitled 1
ISO 4287: 1997/JIS B0601:2001RaRqRtRzRpRvRcRSmRõc 
DIN 4776Rmax         
ISO 12085PtRARRxWteAWWxRkeRpkeRvke.
PrEN 10049PPcRPcWPc       
DB N31007R3zR3zm
Measuring span 
Unit systemmm/in
Resolution0.001µm (0.01µin)
Numerical filterGaussian as per ISO 11562
Traversing length lt(number of cut-offs + 1) x λc (max. 50mm)
Cut-off lcnumber of cut-offs x λc
Probing speed0.5mm/s - 1mm/s
Number of selectable1 ÷ 19 = 0.08; 0.25; 0.8; 2.5mm
Cut-offs1 ÷   5 = 8mm
Keypad3-key pad, membrane-type, protected against dust particles and liquids
Probe typeinductive probe
Probe tipdiamond-type
Tip radius5µm, 90° angle
Measuring force0.75mN (ISO 3274)
Available languagesEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Autonomy200 profiles, up to 60 000 measurements
Power supplyintegrated battery pack, 12V - Battery charger 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption20 VA max. at 220 V
Overall dimensions270 x 140 x 90mm (gauge unit alone)
Weight3 kg
Optional Probes  
DescriptionPart No.Model No.
Probe with contact skid: For surfaces and bores with diameter to > 10mm (external) or from > 6mm (internal). Probes without contact skid: For surfaces, profiles and small bores with diameter from 4mm.06960049SB60/10
Probe for grooves, max. depth 5mm.06960050SB20 P
Probes for small bores from Ø4mm.06960051SB30 P
Probe with V-skid for cables with external diameter to > 1mm.06960052SB40P
Probe with contact skid for concave surfaces. Ideal for 90° measurement.06960053SB50P
Probe for grooves, max depth 20mm06960054SB120P
Probe for grooves, without skid, max. depth 15mm06960058SB120S
 Additional Accessories                                                          Part No.
Roughness Standard, Ra = 2.97µm/117µin06960041
TESA Measurement Studio software06960048
Supplied with: 
Supplied with CD including all instructions for installation in 6 languages, instruction manual plus on-line help (included on the CD) and RS connecting cable. 
Support with granite base, 630 x 400mm06960055



90g measuring shaft
90g stylus

TESA Profil 2 MM set 06960100

2mm profile set

TESA Profil 2 mm is a full set of accessories that converts Rugosurf 90G into a profile gauge able to evaluate geometric part features within each measuring spam:

● X-axis = 50mm

● Z-axis = 2000µm



Using straight lines and regression arcs, the software calculates form errors as well as the centre distance of two heights or two bores. The results can than be exported in DXF=format for a further use.



contor measuring





sb2000 probe


The full set includes:      06930012

● Profil Studio test software

● SB2000 probe for profile measurement in the Z-axis (2000µm)

● Reference test block for profile calibration

● Cable for connecting Rugosurf 90G to computer




724-368-8006  *  Fax 724-368-8005


tesa 90g

90g screen

90g measuring shaft
90g stylus
2mm profile set

contor measuring

sb2000 probe

tesa 90g

90g screen

90g measuring shaft
90g stylus
2mm profile set

contor measuring

sb2000 probe